is a story
you tell


wrapped up in a


We are all sitting around a fire, wrapped in a blanket of silver fish glimmering in the darkest sea, telling stories. Stories that heal, hurt, move, and everything in between.

We are all sitting around a fire, wrapped in a blanket of silver fish glimmering in the darkest sea, telling stories. Stories that heal, hurt, move, and everything in between.

We paint those stories with light,
color and heart. This is our story.






We are George^2 or… G Square.

A creative filmmaking duo based in Cluj-Napoca, which is in Romania, Transylvania, Eastern Europe, Balkans or in a different dimension altogether, depending on who you ask. But our dreams and visions expand beyond anything that has geographical coordinates or known quantities. We are human, and this is our quest for meaning.




G Square was born in 2015, from a deep rooted desire to color our lives with the chaos of imagination, and grew into one of Cluj-Napoca’s most prominent video and film production companies. But that is a bit sterile of a description for our taste, it’s just our government issued ID photo if you will. We like to think of it as the seed of a dream that was fueled by youthful innocence and recklessness and blossomed into a creative haven for a motley crew of artists and professionals. We avoid the beaten path, making our way through the dense thicket of conformity, in search of a deeper truth.


But any trek through the unknown requires preparation, tools, skill and experience, otherwise it would be a rather short journey. We have developed a mature production infrastructure, including equipment and facilities and specialised crews. We provide full service media, video and film production, starting with script and concept development, location services and scouting, casting services, complete pre-production, set design and decoration, wardrobe, MUA, transportation, grip and electric, crew and equipment sourcing and anything a project might require. We also do in house post production including editing, color grading, sound mixing, sound design, VFX, motion graphics, animation and compositing. In support of our production side, we have also founded Cluj-Napoca’s first and largest film and video production equipment rental house, Syndicate Rental .


Embark on a journey through lush green forests, breathtaking mountains, medieval fortresses where fantasy and legend were born, quaint villages, post industrial legacy overgrown by
vegetation, modernist socialist architecture sitting side by side with baroque façades and modern glass high rises. From the majestic Carpathian Mountains and the serene DanubeDelta, charming medieval towns like Sighișoara and Sibiu, complex architectural and social tapestry of urban centers like Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, iconic castles such as Bran Castle, often associated with the Dracula myth, and the fairytale-like Peleș Castle, to the deep underground salt mines of Turda and Praid, let yourself be inspired by the magic of our country’s scenery.
Whether you’re seeking medieval mystique, socialist symbolism, or contemporary chic,Romania offers a cinematic playground like no other. Let our expert team guide you through this diverse landscape, providing unparalleled access to a wealth of filming locations that will bring your vision to life.


George Szabo


George Negru


Ioana Băilă

Producer, 1st AD

Raul Stan

Camera Operator

Dan Câmpean

DoP, colorist

Andi Szelyes

1st AC

Francisc “Franz” Danileț

Key Grip

Bogdan Csalai


Angela Kis

Make-up Artist

Tommy Turos

Steadicam operator & drone pilot

Alina Grigorescu

Wardrobe & set designer

Călin Ene

Animation, Storyboard, Character Design

Doru “Miu” Boancă

Digital artist

Iulia Cuc


Vlad Braga

Set Photographer